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Tangrams on Monday

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 17 June, 2009

So every Monday, everyone at Creativeland gets together for a meeting. One person is made to talk about things that are close to them and everyone else contributes. And we obviously discuss other things – parties, announcements, notices etc.

So this week, Nivedita spoke about Tangrams (yes that Chinese shape puzzle that everyone has played as a kid) and did an impromptu competition. Vikram, (expected ain’t it?) won all rounds. Saurabh finished a distant second. Dhvani, Urmi and Rruta were close too. Here are few things that people made.

And here are the winners.

BTW, more about tangrams is here (wikipedia link). And a Google image search revealed few more interesting uses of tangrams (fonts, stick figures et al). Do share if you come across some interesting ones.