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Tangrams on Monday

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 17 June, 2009

So every Monday, everyone at Creativeland gets together for a meeting. One person is made to talk about things that are close to them and everyone else contributes. And we obviously discuss other things – parties, announcements, notices etc.

So this week, Nivedita spoke about Tangrams (yes that Chinese shape puzzle that everyone has played as a kid) and did an impromptu competition. Vikram, (expected ain’t it?) won all rounds. Saurabh finished a distant second. Dhvani, Urmi and Rruta were close too. Here are few things that people made.

And here are the winners.

BTW, more about tangrams is here (wikipedia link). And a Google image search revealed few more interesting uses of tangrams (fonts, stick figures et al). Do share if you come across some interesting ones.

Go Green

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 12 June, 2009

For some reason hundreds of Creativelanders were spotted sporting green. And then they posed with other assorted green things.

Go Green

And since Prakash Ji couldn’t find the camera, the shoot was done by a Nokia phone. In one shift.

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Happy Birthday CLA

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 1 June, 2009

Today, June 1, we celebrate our second birthday. Stay tuned for pics, quotes and vids.

Venky and the Cake

Apart from this one, other pics have mysteriously disappeared. Wonder who gobbled them .. ?

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Creativeland Pictures

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 4 March, 2009

Mint reports on our foray into content business.

And yes we are open to scripts, ideas, plots, talent and anything else around content. Please contact us here.