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Tangrams on Monday

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 17 June, 2009

So every Monday, everyone at Creativeland gets together for a meeting. One person is made to talk about things that are close to them and everyone else contributes. And we obviously discuss other things – parties, announcements, notices etc.

So this week, Nivedita spoke about Tangrams (yes that Chinese shape puzzle that everyone has played as a kid) and did an impromptu competition. Vikram, (expected ain’t it?) won all rounds. Saurabh finished a distant second. Dhvani, Urmi and Rruta were close too. Here are few things that people made.

And here are the winners.

BTW, more about tangrams is here (wikipedia link). And a Google image search revealed few more interesting uses of tangrams (fonts, stick figures et al). Do share if you come across some interesting ones.

Go Green

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 12 June, 2009

For some reason hundreds of Creativelanders were spotted sporting green. And then they posed with other assorted green things.

Go Green

And since Prakash Ji couldn’t find the camera, the shoot was done by a Nokia phone. In one shift.

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Happy Birthday CLA

Posted in Things by Saurabh Garg on 1 June, 2009

Today, June 1, we celebrate our second birthday. Stay tuned for pics, quotes and vids.

Venky and the Cake

Apart from this one, other pics have mysteriously disappeared. Wonder who gobbled them .. ?

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Viraaj n Venky and Appy n Grappo

Posted in Brands, Media by Saurabh Garg on 19 May, 2009

Mid-Day - Fizz Article 15-05-09

Mid Day spoke to Raj about Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz. And here is the link to the world’s first friendship election if you havent voted yet. And btw its Viraaj Braganza and Venkatraman R.

Unofficial CLA Reel

Posted in Brands by Saurabh Garg on 8 May, 2009

Was wondering what to dish out on the lazy friday afternoon and then thought, how about a youtube collection of few TVCs that we have done over the last year?

Here is a collection that I created in a jiffy. Lemme know if I have missed out on something.

If you cant see the embedded youtube playlist, here is the link.

The world’s first friendship election!

Posted in Brands by Saurabh Garg on 7 May, 2009

Appy and Grappo are fighting the world’s first friendship election. Check out AppyvsGrappo for their manifestos and well, parties.

Vote 4 Appy Fizz

Vote 4 Grappo

Just in case you want to know them better, befriend Appy and Grappo on Facebook. I voted for Grappo. Who do you find fizziest?

Eye Bank Association – If you are …

Posted in Brands, Media by Saurabh Garg on 4 May, 2009

On popular demand, here is the creative for Eye Bank Association that has won at Goafest 2009 and got an in-book at D&AD 2009. The works are titled Hindu, Christian and Parsee respectively.

EyeBank Hindu

Eyebank Christian

Eyebank Parsee

And if you havent pledged your eyes as yet, you might want to send that coupon to Eye Bank Association Kerala, CBM Opthalmic Institute, Little flower Hospital & Research Centre, Angamally – 683 573, Kerala.

Creativeland at D&AD

Posted in Media by Saurabh Garg on 4 May, 2009

We got three in-books at D&AD this year. By far the best performance by any other Indian agency (afaqs report, Campaign India report). India got total of 9 in-books this time.

Our work for Eye Bank Association (in the Direct/Writing category), Indiana Motors (in Graphic Design/Stationery category) and Car Mall (in Graphic Design/Stationery category) got the in-books. Too bad we dint get a metal. May be next time? Anyways, a complete list of in-books and winners is available here on the D&AD website (pdf, 141 KB). Food for inspiration and may be some envy?

LMN – Film

Posted in Brands by Saurabh Garg on 11 April, 2009

This is our latest film for LMN – The Emergency Lemon Refresher for Parle Agro. Directed by Ram Madhvani and shot around Mumbai, film is already winning accolades around the world.

Shots did an article on it. The article has few exclusive behind the scene shots and sketches. You might want to watch this video on Shots website too.

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Grappo Fizz is here!

Posted in Brands by Saurabh Garg on 10 April, 2009

Appy Fizz’s cousin is here. Welcome Grappo Fizz to the Parle Agro family.

He is on look out for new friends on Facebook. And for the boring people interesting in details and news, releases on Business Standard, Hindu Business Line and FnB news might help.

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